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Great post.


years ago, I found this "world's ugliest django app" - http://news.e-scribe.com/395

Nice revisit of minimalist django anyway.

Cody Soyland

Nice post! Another relevant project worth mentioning is Simon Willison's Django-powered microframework, Djng: http://simonwillison.net/2009/May/19/djng/


Yes, Simo's `djng` looks very interesting, but seems to be based more on the idea of extracting a simpler, cleaner core out of Django than on making Django more newbie-friendly.

My single-file Django example shows that Django lends itself (without any modification or extension whatsoever) to the same kind of simple usage that is commonly showcased by Python microframeworks such as Flask.

Account Deleted

Great post! Shows how powerful, simple and yet decoupled Django actually is. I think this minimal one-file-django example should go into the official documentation to show off the simplicity behind the doors.

Account Deleted

I agree with Amiroff, this is really a interesting post. Nice to know this ;)

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